Friday, 25 May 2012

diy "fry" day: french fries

Plate of Fries by Joost Langeveld on YouTube

Today we're folding three kinds of Origami French Fries! 

Totally frivolous but so much fun!

What you need:
- 3" yellow origami papers for the fries.

- 6" origami papers for the packets.

French Fries by Daily Origami on YouTube
What to do: 

1) Select which fries you would like to fold.

2) Follow the links below the photos of the fries I folded to get to the corresponding video tutorials on YouTube.

Easy French Fries in a Packet by Vinagurl on YouTube

These origami french fries could be used to present a gift card to a fast food restaurant, or a lunch or birthday invitation, or even a "Merci Beaucoup" to your "golden" French teacher!

Bon Appetit!

Friday, 18 May 2012


diy friday: upcycled pocket books

Today we're folding little booklets that can be used as cards, notebooks, journals and more!

What you need:

- Copy paper for the inner pages.
- Thicker paper for the cover. (I recycled a Tommy Hilfiger ad.)
- Scissors and a paper cutter.
- Double sided tape or glue.

What to do:

1. Cut your copy paper to size.  Cut the cover a few millimeters larger than the copy paper.

2. Follow the instructions for the second booklet in this video on to create the inner pages.

3. Use glue or tape to attach the pages inside the cover. 

Voila!  Your own one-of-a-kind upcycled notebook or scrapbook!

Experiement with junk mail, magazines, brown paper bags, thin cardboard packaging and other papers in your recycling box for unique, free and eco-friendly booklets!

Friday, 11 May 2012

diy friday - origami love notes

Want to let someone know you care? 

Don't be shy, spell it out!

Fold a message for your sweetheart, your mom, your kids, your self... 

After all, who doesn't love a love note?

What you need:

Origami or scrapbooking paper.  Select solid colors rather than patterns for clear contrast.

What to do:

1. Choose your message.

2. Fold each letter using these diagrams at Origami Club.

3. Leave them where your loved one will be sure to find them!
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